Astutulus Vargas

Initiate in Brotherhood of the Old Keep

Height: 5' 5"


Born in 12253HE son of a watchmaker and his outgoing wife, Astutulus shunned the public eye ever since being used in a 12256HE ameteur dramatic production of "The Importance of Being Ernest".

From that day forth he could be made to do nothing but play quietly with pulleys and ratchets; batteries and bulbs; on the cog-ridden floor of his father's modest workshop. Schooled at Belvoir Castle as an Engineer in the faculty of Machinarum, he graduated with a moderate pass in 12260HE, aged 17.


Blossoming into adulthood, Astutulus exhibits true fascination with discovery and innovation. He's as happy whether holding a test tube or looking down a missile tube; as fascinated watching chemicals in a centrifuge, or plants that grow huge, in the bio-domes and nano-labs of Belvoir.


Damage Control Officer. Beguiled by the world of learning, Astutulus never yields his prodigious grip on the fields of mechanics and electricity. However he deftly applies his worldy knowledge; harnessing interdisciplinary techniques to mimic natural processes and advancing the scope of the machinery that he builds.


Records found by Astutulus in his grandfather's attic reveal that he is the ancestor of a Spanish Conquistador (and his South American maiden) on one side of the family. In his aunt's basement, meanwhile, Astutulus unearthed records that clearly delineate his blood-line as far back as Sir Isaac Newton's uncle.

Current ActivitiesEdit

Ongoing data may be found on Astutulus' personal profile; User:Astutulus