An area of interest for Astutulus who beleives it to be fundamental to military and economic security.

Laser communicationEdit

The Invictus Illuminati accomplish nation-wide communications using line-of-sight encoded laser pulses. The signal is transmitted, relayed, and received, by multi-facted globes. These balls are seen on official buildings, relay stations on strategic hilltops, and on mobile antenna especially military vehicles (including aircraft and drones). The system is open to potentially incorporate high-orbit (communications) satellite where available.

Source, relay station, and destination may be stationary or moving. Once a signal is acquired, subsequent communication is facilitated at much more efficient-energy levels by concentrating the reflection in the direction required.

"Pigeon post"Edit

Aron has a pet raven that has been used to deliver short written messages. At night time this acheives total stealth and security. The message needs to state what form the reply should take; unfortunately when dealing with enemy troops the reply cannot be by the same means.