3000 to 3500 metres tall (seven to eight times the height of the Empire State building, and 30 x the diameter).


A man-made mountain, hive-like in appearance due to cave-like portals all around, into some of which aircraft come and go.

Standard skyscraper mix of residential and commercial premises, is bolstered by an industrial sector, and headed by a green grassy hill that is crowned by the beautiful Ancient Dublin Cathedral. The Ancient Cathedral is almost as high as heaven itself, and as often as not the worshippers cannot see the ground but only the brilliant tops of white clouds.

Dublin CityEdit

The whole modern cathedral is surrounded by green forest, and a few well-chosen organic buildings blend into the landscape nearby. Air filters cause the moisture to evaporate into rain periodically; accounting for the emerald countryside and the crisp pure air.


The quality of the atmosphere is matched by the quality of life. Nowhere else in the British Isles do people receive so much for so little. Intelligent organisation, and conscious energy efficiency, mean that every citizen's labour is accomplished in just four hours work each day!