Strike Fighter by Orpheus7
Eilyn class space fighter is the first attempt of the U.E.F to create a space worthy fighter. Eilyn is the apogee of the Dark Matter technology that was developed by the Brotherhood of the Old Keep and the Fraal


The ship is built in order to have superb maneuverablity and to be able to achieve high accelaration. It's armament is quite lightand it is only to be used against other fighters. The medium size neutronite armour gives to the ship a very good survivability and the chaff protects it from possible missile salvoes from bigger ships.

The ship is equiped with a Mass Transeiver that allows instatenious communications within a star system and a Multiband radar facing forwards which allows the ship to detect incoming ships and missiles. Additionally the ship is equiped with an Attack Computer that allows it's user to lock targets and improve the success rate of its attacks.


Spaceship SheetEdit


Type Name Quantity Hull Power
Armour Neutronite, medium 5% 0.5


Power plant Mass Reactor 1 2.5


Engines Induction Engine 1 (10%) 2 -2
Weapon, Projectile Mass Cannon 1 2 -3
Command Cockpit 1 0.5 -
Computer Attack Computer 1 0.5 -
Sensor Multiband Radar 1 0.5 -1
Communications Mass Transeiver 1 1 -1
Defenses Chaff 1 1 0
Extra Stabilizers 1 0.5 -0.5
Total 10 +1