Giant insects patrol the barren landscape.

Giant BraahmlimperEdit

Cyclommatus metalifer 2.0

Giant Bramlimper

A simple farmers name for a fearsome creature that could actually sever the human ankle as easily as it takes the hoof off a Braahm . It's hardened shell is toughened by an exclusive diet of hoof, bone... and shoe leather.

Parts of the Braahmlimper's exoskeleton and talons are commonly used as weaponry and armour by tribes of the wasteland. Also they are hunted due to the fact that their shell can be carved and it is used as crockery in many courts.




Flutterbye, Opodiphthera radiatus. Years of exposure on high radiation have pushed the Opodiphthera eucalypti to mutate into a 2 foot long moth like insect with razor sharp wings able to cut through unprotected flesh. Although primarily fed with fungii, the Flutterbye acquired a taste for smaller insects and small mammals.

If threatened the Flutterbye will attack much larger mammals and even humans, especially if their larvae are in danger.

Flutterbye larvae are an excellent source of protein and if cooked properly provide a succulent doe like meat.

The draft from this moth's wings is the last thing it's victims will feel.