The Invictus Illuminati are a world power with advanced technology but religious overtones. Foundation is their religion.


The Invictus Illuminati were once thought to have come from America. This is now known to be ICELAND in fact.

They are generally spreading from west to east over the UK. Ireland is already under their control, as is the Irish Sea. They have many settlements on the western coast of England and Wales, and are making inroads ever deeper inland. They have been seen surveying central parts of the country from the air.

The Invictus Illuminati have an effective army, who consolidate any gains before advancing further. They suppress the population but not in a barbaric way. All civillians are given the free choice of changing their beliefs, or leaving the area. There is no question that resistance would be futile; and yet sufficient time and transport seem to be provided for humane relocation.


The Invictus Illuminat are known to wear black robes, and their symbol is the Roman numeral two with a sun on top. This is actually only representative of the Religious leaders of the Invictus, the priests of the Foundation. The military garments of the Invictus resemble mid-1900 European military uniforms, mostly German military. All Invictus garments favour black and gold as their main colours and dark red and white are used as highlights.


Selena Angel , Commander