This is the wiki of the Scorched Skies Role playing game campaign setting.

The year is 12260HE (2260 CE)

Over two hundred years have past since the end of The War, the war that changed the shape of the Earth as we know it forever.

Following a nuclear winter that lasted the good part of two centuries, humanity is slowly making its first steps under the scorched skies of a world devastated by radiation. This is a dark, dangerous and deadly world, full of mysteries seeking to be uncovered and well-hidden secrets waiting to be revealed.

The Scorched skies campaign setting focuses its attention on post-apocalyptic Europe, Asia and Africa, subsequently expanding to the continents of the "New World" and, ultimately, the whole of the Solar system. It is an attempt to create a world that expands on the post-apocalyptic genre by introducing a Medieval-European spin to the genre, and even touches the edges of the Space Opera setting .

The heroes are called to face challenges that span from the dangers of the post-apocalyptic wastelands to intricate plots involving major factions that rise and fall in a world that, after a millenia, returns to the Dark Ages and the Medieval Feudal system.

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