The "Last Hope" (U.E.F Last Hope) is a Dreadnaught class spaceship that was built by the Brotherhood of the Old Keep and armed by Invictus Illuminati in 102260HE.

The ship was not developed from scratch but it is a complete overhaul of one of the three Fraal dreadnaughts that landed on earth during the First Landfall in 6886HE, the Raah (Ra).



Stiff but lightweight honeycomb cell panels artificially grown from self-distributing Natural Earth Stems.

Exterior is protected from cosmic rays and dust by tungsten carbide paintshell. Interior surfaces are coated with high tensile spidersilk mesh (to prevent interior shrapnel implosion) and finished with matte BBR (black body rad.) spray, which protects the silk from the passage of a million feet/wheels/paws, and provides essential insulation.

Technical specificationsEdit

Length: 700 metres Note for comparison: The mining ship "Red Dwarf" (with which contact has now been lost) is 9,700 metres long.

Armament & DefencesEdit



As a Dreadnaught a very large proportion of the ship is actually dedicated to two huge hangars. These hangars serve as the base of operations for a fleet of smaller crafts that combined make the Last Hope's military and scientific operations fleet.

Specifically the fleet consists of:


150 = Skeleton (logistical hop from planet to planet, inbetween missions)

450 = Ready (all consoles manned for mission)

+ 1500 passengers

Ship's game sheetEdit

This sheet follows rules in the Alternity "Warships" book. 

The U.E.F Tech Track has: 

(G) Gravity Manipulation, (D) Dark Matter Tech, (F) Fusion Tech, (S) Super-Materials, (P) Psi-Tech, (C) Computer Tech, (Q) Quantum Manipultaion